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We are the home of all things St. Louis. My name is Jenny and I’m a born and raised St. Louis native who loves to blog about this wonderful city. We will be sharing helpful tips based on the experiences we’ve had living in this amazing city. We’re super excited that you decided to visit us and thanks! :)

The Reason Some Handbags Are Cheap in STL

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All it takes is on reliable handbag and you won’t have to buy another. What’s perfect about the selection of handbags here is that there is no need to buy more than a couple at once. These handbags are designed with durability in mind to avoid breaking down and withering away. One annoying aspect of a lot of handbags is they are made with cheap material, thus they break easily and force you to buy another. No longer do you have to wait make monthly trips to purchase a new handbag. The ones we have in stock are all designed to help provide you a sense of relief in knowing that your money is being put to good use.

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Funny Faces in St. Louis

There’s no reason not to enjoy every moment of life and there’s no question that a spontaneous funny face can be a great way to capture a fun outing, having a good time with friends, or just getting a great picture to change up the pace. Whatever you need, there are many different ways to take care of your need for funny face pictures whether in St. Louis, or any other city.

So how do you go about finding funny face pictures in St. Louis? There are a lot of options, the first of which involves some leg work but lets you exercise a ton of control over the results. If you’re in or around the St. Louis area, one of the best ways to collect funny face pictures is to take them yourself. For example, here is 30 Funny Faces In Every Object You Use.

While you might feel a little bit weird walking around a park, a street, or anywhere just asking people to pose with funny faces, many individuals will see this as a fun project or just laugh and oblige you. This can lead to a lot of great looks, and a more spontaneous array of looks than you might ever get from simply searching online or relying on one single source.

You might actually be surprised at just how much eager and active participation you get. The ability to talk to people of all shapes, sizes, and age means that you will be guaranteed the type of variety that makes any photography job much more enjoyable and interesting.


This might be one of the best ways to get your own collection of funny face pictures in St. Louis but if going around socially just isn’t quite your thing, there are several other options that might work out.

If you’re working on this as a long-term project starting a website and outlining what you’re doing could lead to a vast donation of funny faces from people who like the idea or just the excuse to make a funny face.

Another way is to use Google to search Google images for any specific photos that are tagged online with any combination of the keywords “funny face” and “St. Louis.” You will want to double check to make sure every picture you like is usable as there are various copyright and usage issues with online pics as well as the fact that you might get results back of funny face pictures that aren’t specifically from the St. Louis area.

Another option is to look at photography sites. There are many sites loaded with photos for public use and public domain photos can be used by anyone for any reason. Finding several funny faces among these could be a quick way to pad your collection.

Finally, take a look at social media. Facebook groups, special fan pages, or Instagram accounts might have exactly the type of pictures you’re looking for. If you’re searching for funny face pictures in St. Louis then follow these tips and you’ll be sure to succeed!

How To Save Money For Vacation With A Modern Fireplace

If you are a homeowner, there are all kinds of things that you will need to take care of in order to make sure that your home is safe and functioning well. You are responsible for everything from the foundation to the roof. Whether you are living in the home or have purchased it as a fixer that you then want to sell, one of the things that you need to be certain to take care of is having the right heating system in place.

For those who live in parts of the country where it is warm during the cooler months of the year, heating is not as big of a concern as it is where the temperatures fall below freezing for weeks or even months at a time. However, even those who do not experience these types of extreme cold seasons still need to have a good heating system in place for when it does. After all, freezing temperatures have hit places like southern California and Florida at times, leaving residents scrambling to stay warm.

There are lots of people who use portable electric heaters for their homes so that each room can be heated when in use. Usually, these heaters are designed to be used minimally. Not only do they create a great drain on electricity, which can dramatically increase your bill, they are subject to breaking and can create a fire hazard.

In fact, any type of electric heating system has the trouble of depending upon the power grid being functional and the homeowner having sufficient funds to keep the power bill paid. The cost of electricity has jumped dramatically in recent years, leaving many who depend on this type of fuel for heat having to cut back in order to afford it.


There are lots of people who use pellet burning stoves in order to heat their homes. These products use small wooden pellets that are manufactured and sold through hardware and similar stores. They can be quite warm and attractive in a home. However, there are also many drawbacks to using this type of heating system.

Pellets can be quite in demand at certain times of year, leading many retailers to run out of them. If this happens before you have stocked up on your supply, you may find yourself cold and unable to do anything about it. These heaters can go through quite a bit of pellets in order to keep a home warm, depending upon how much space needs to be heated and the desired temperature of the home.

The cost of pellets can be quite high if a person relies heavily upon a pellet burning stove for all of their heating needs. Additionally, some of these require electricity in order for the pellets to roll into the burner to keep it hot. Should the power go out, these residents, like others who are dependent upon electricity for their heat, are literally left in the cold.

One alternative that many people have used throughout history is the fireplace. These certainly predated any type of electrical heating system and can be quite effective at keeping a home warm. However, the models that are based on old fashioned wood burning have some troubles as well.

For one thing, getting good wood to burn can be difficult. While there are often people in more rural areas who sell firewood, the quality of it is not regulated. Some of these people may not properly cut and split the wood or may mix in types of lesser quality.

Whether the wood for these is in rounds or already split, it needs to be properly stacked for safety purposes. Many people who use wood to stay warm have found they must dedicate a significant amount of space and time to ensure that they have an adequate amount readily available.

Unfortunately, this stacked wood can become a home for mice, spiders and snakes among other unwanted guests. Residents may not even realize it until they are collecting firewood only to be bit. This can be a danger for them and others in the home.

One of the best alternatives that homeowners have discovered is the installation of ethanol fireplaces. These burn much cleaner than other types of fuel and do not have the problems associated with other types of heating. There are no fumes or smoke associated with their use and they are not dependent upon electricity to operate. This means that a family can stay warm even when the power is out. Unlike other types of fireplaces, these do not require any ventilation, simplifying the process of incorporating one into a home an using it.

These modern fireplaces can be quite attractive. There are many models, designed to fit virtually every price range out there. In addition, the styles are such that virtually any home decor can be enhanced by the right model. Before purchasing one, the homeowner should look at a ethanol fireplace guide in order to find one that will best suit the home.

For those who are seeking to sell the property at some point, these are a far better choice than other heating systems. This is because they can actually increase the value and appeal of a home. Those who are shopping around for a home are often attracted to those that already have appliances and other things installed that are designed to save on their utility bills.

If you are interested in finding a new heating system for your home, you have many options available to you. However, ethanol fireplaces are the best choice in virtually every situation. These products require minimal work to have running once they arrive in the home. They are cost efficient and are do not depend upon energy in order to work. This is a great bonus for those who live in areas with frequent power outages. You should look at the various models and select one that is the right size and design for your home.

Finding The Best Vacation Places By Utilizing Your SEO Knowledge

Making specific content to be easily available when internet users search for it is the goal of search engine optimization. It is considered one of the most prominent Internet Marketing techniques that have put many websites on top of the search engine results pages.

Getting a website to show up as one of the top results of a particular search done by a search engine is very important. This is basically known as increasing the ranking of a website by engaging in search engine optimization. There are quite a number of cheap and affordable St. Louis SEO services that any upcoming small business or medium enterprise can make use of to get that much needed web traffic to their websites.

These services vary from one provider to the other because there are a wide range of techniques that are used by web masters and developers to increasing the ranking of certain site on the World Wide Web. The best and most appropriate SEO service providers are those who use white hat techniques to get a site to show up at the top of the results.

The goal of search engine optimization is usually to increase the amount of web traffic or human visitors that access a particular website or webpage. The best way to achieve this is usually by having the site to appear on as many search engine results for a combination of keywords that users search for while browsing the Internet. Attaining this goal is something that organization and companies that are listed on the World Wide Web should endeavor to do.

Getting the right professionals to do this for your website or webpage is quite crucial and paramount. The consistency of the results of search engine optimization should be long lasting. This means that once a website has attained a high ranking on search engines, it should maintain this position for quite a considerable amount of time. Poor search engine optimization leads to temporary increase in traffic to a certain webpage then a sudden decline in the number of visitors to the subject website.


This is not the intention of any small or medium sized business and therefore some background research needs to be done prior to selecting a SEO provider. The cost of the service also has to be put in mind as some SEO providers may charge extremely high rates while others are quite cheap. A business should allocate a good sum of money each month for the purpose of outsourcing SEO services for its website.

One can easily get affordable St. Louis SEO services by perusing the web for various web experts and professionals that offer these subject services. Once a reliable service provider has been acquired, payment can be arranged on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the agreed procedure of search engine optimization for a company or business website.

Websites belonging to individuals can also be optimized so as to rank higher on search engine results. Numerous web pages can be linked back to a main site and all traffic to the individual web pages is attributed back to the main site. New content is needed for websites being optimized for search engines every now and then. This is to enable web crawlers and spiders to come back more often to the subject site for indexing purposes.